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  • Annual access to ERPSCC™ core curriculum and certification

    Working with Emergency Responder and Public Safety Personnel: An Overview | Domains of Operation: Activities and Applications | Benefits & Barriers to Prescriptive Supports | Unique Stressors Facing Emergency Responder & Public Safety Personnel | Relationship & Family Dynamics: 1st & 2nd Families | Emergency Responder Health | Resiliency Practices & Wellness | Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Aftermath | Job-Related Injury & Accommodation | Post-Critical Incident Response: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know | Diversity Considerations & Clinical Insights | Legal & Ethical Considerations | Preparation & Expectations for Ride-Along and Experiential Exposures

  • Additional courses

    Morale & Resiliency | Crushing Retirement Myths | Critical Incident Preparation, Response, & Recovery | Living and Dealing with Chronic Pain | Preparing Your Family for a Critical Incident | Responder Wellness Series for Corrections | Responder Wellness Series for Law Enforcement | Stress Management for a Better Life | Chaplain's Corner: What's your Rudder in the Storm? | Chaplain's Corner: Finding Your Purpose | Habits: Starting the Good & Breaking the Bad | How to Talk to Kids About Grief & Loss | Creating a Culture of Wellness In Your Agency | Dealing with Anxiety & Depression | Wellness Series for Responder Families | Under Investigation: Supporting Your Responder Through an IA | Responders Serving Responders: A Hospital's Response to a LODD |

  • Clinical tools and mindfulness exercises

    Containment Exercise for Clinicians | The Resiliency Wheel for the Responder | The Vagus Nerve Reset | Calm Place | Quieting Your Brain for Sleep (female voice) | Going to Sleep After a Crappy Day (female voice) | Quieting Your Brain for Sleep (male voice) | Going to Sleep After a Crappy Day (male voice) | Mindful Kids: Progressive Muscle Relaxation | Eye of the Hurricane | Inner Advisor | Light Stream Visualization | Compassion Fatigue | Mindful Candle Exercise | 10 Stress Reducing Tips | 10-Minute Breath Awareness | Mindfulness for Performance: Engaging the 5 Senses | Toe-to-Head Body Scan | Head-to-toe Body Scan | Cognitive Defusion Exercise | Mindful Walking Meditation | Mindful Sitting Exercise | Progressive Muscle Relaxation | Mindfulness Overview

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